Hello, I’m Ece (edge-a)

I'm a NYC based jewelry & crystal suncatcher designer and the founder of Magick Collective. I create colorful, bold, gemstone jewelry, spiritual jewelry and enchanting window decor pieces that tell a story and focus on intentional production.
Our mission is to remind every soul to shine in their artistic identities and tap into their creative power.


Who seek to go beyond the ordinary with bold and unconventional fine jewelry.
A modern jewelry and home decor brand with a timeless, off-beat aesthetic, Magick Collective elevates the everyday with creative, thoughtful, ready-to-wear jewelry, whimsical window decor pieces and spiritual gemstone jewelry. Designed in New York City using carefully curated, high-quality materials, our jewelry reflects our love of storytelling and self-expression with distinctive, versatile designs that tell the unique stories of our clients.
Personal connection is at the heart of what we do and what we make. We gift-wrap and package each order with care, shipping throughout the United States.

Born in Belgium, raised in Australia & Turkey; I decided to move to the city of my dreams to pursue my graduate degree in NYC. I've been passionate about colors, gemstones and creating with my hands for as long as I can remember.
My interest in jewelry started when I was a student in university. Curious to learn how to create jewelry with my hands, I started to try different techniques as I happily wandered with the colorful faceted crystals. Making and wearing big, chunky and off-beat jewelry ensured me to create a persona that is brave, outgoing, invincible.
I became curious to learn more about other cultures around the world, the gemstones they have used in history, and what makes us all unique. As I embarked on many adventures traveling world, I started collecting jewelry and crystals that would remind me of my travels—unique pieces I could treasure for years to come. 
After many years working in corporate world, and burning out with anxiety; I found solace in meditation and practices of vinyasa and kundalini yoga.
In 2022, I launched Magick Collective, starting by beading japamalas while chanting mantras, then adding crystal suncatchers and finally evolving my love for gemstones to designing high-quality, maximalist jewelry for modern collectors like me, who value originality and believe that the right jewelry can change the way you feel and present yourself to the world. 
Like our collectors, Magick Collective continues to evolve and transform, finding new ways to help YOU express yourself through modern fine jewelry.