Integrity Half Mala Necklace


Integrity Half Mala Necklace

Product Description:

Embody the essence of integrity with our captivating Integrity Half Mala Necklace. Crafted to balance the third eye and throat chakras, this gemstone mala radiates clarity, wisdom, and the power to manifest your visions. Featuring Blue Veined Quartz, Apatite, Iolite, Blue Tigers Eye, and a coral pendant, this exquisite accessory empowers you to align your actions with your highest truth and embrace the path of integrity.

Gemstone Properties:

  1. Blue Veined Quartz: Gaze into the depths of Blue Veined Quartz to find clarity and inspiration. This gemstone enhances your ability to perceive truth and manifest your aspirations with unwavering focus.

  2. Apatite: The spiritual energy of Apatite clears mental fog and supports clear communication with your higher self. It aids in aligning your actions with your authentic path and purpose.

  3. Iolite: Known as the stone of vision, Iolite enhances intuition and insight. It guides you towards making conscious decisions in alignment with your inner wisdom.

  4. Blue Tigers Eye: Infused with courage and determination, Blue Tigers Eye supports your journey of integrity and self-realization. It empowers you to stand firmly in your truth.

  5. Coral Pendant: The Coral pendant serves as a symbolic representation of integrity, intensifying the necklace's energy and intention. Coral is a reminder of your innate strength and commitment to living a life of authenticity.

How to Use Your Mala:

Each Half Mala comes with a thoughtful card guiding you on how to use it effectively during meditation and intention setting. The Integrity Half Mala Necklace is more than just an accessory; it's a tool to align your actions with your highest values and embrace a life of integrity.

Size & Fit:

Featuring approximately 54 beads, each measuring 8 mm, the Integrity Half Mala Necklace is thoughtfully designed for both comfort and style. Gracefully hanging at approximately 12 inches (30 cm), this unique piece of jewelry complements your neckline, inspiring you to walk the path of truth and authenticity.

Exceptional Craftsmanship:

We take immense pride in the meticulous craftsmanship of each Integrity Half Mala Necklace. Only premium gemstones are chosen to ensure their unique properties are harnessed effectively, creating a truly special piece that embodies the essence of integrity.

Meaningful Gift:

The Integrity Half Mala Necklace makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for yourself or a cherished loved one. Celebrate personal growth and the power of living a life of authenticity on special occasions or moments of self-discovery.


Your purchase includes the gemstone mala, a delicate baggie to preserve its energy, and an elegant box to safeguard and cherish your necklace when not in use. Additionally, a card with instructions on using your mala, intention setting, and gemstone properties is included, making it a complete and meaningful package.

Embrace the transformative energy of integrity and immerse yourself in the power of living in alignment with your highest truth with our Integrity Half Mala Necklace. Walk the path of clarity, wisdom, and manifestation, and radiate the essence of integrity with every step you take.

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